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Bioreactors / Fermenters


A bioreactor may refer to any manufactured or engineered device or system that supports a biologically active environment. A bioreactor/fermenter is equipment in which a controlled environment is provided for the fermentation processes. It is the system which helps to grow, maintain the micro organisms/ cells in controlled environment.

Generally the system used for Microbial fermentation process is called a Fermenter. AND the one which is used for cell culture (mammalian/insect cell) fermentation process is called Bioreactor.

Praj BioWiz Smart Bioreactors

Praj HiPurity Systems Limited, having worked closely with pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare and cosmetics industries conversant with core processes and applications in these industries.

Key Features

BioWiz offers the following modules in the design:

BioWiz Applications:

The BioWiz systems are designed to cater the Biopharma process requirements for

The BioWiz can be utilized for the development and manufacturing of the fermentation based products. Examples: