Process Piping

Process piping has its own importance for carrying out the transfer of sterile fluids between sterile equipment in classified bio-pharma facilities. Due to multiple bends in the piping route and the different size of pipes, cleaning, sterilizing and drying pose a challenge. Praj Hipurity Systems Limited has been successfully mitigating this challenge from three decades. Our manufacturing facility has an electropolishing unit dedicated to piping. Praj Hipurity Systems Limited assures uniformity of orbital welds by following most updated and latest SOPs. Praj Hipurity Systems Limited with one of the largest fleet of orbital welding machines in the industry is ready to serve any field process piping requirement. During the designing phase, various aspects like pressure hold test, cleaning-in-place, sterilization-in-place and drying are taken into consideration based on individual customer needs. All instruments, valves and steam traps are hence considered adequately. Lastly, Boroscopy report accompanies process piping documents

Process Piping

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Process Piping parameters and its control device


Sequences applicable for Process Piping