Raw Water to Point Of Use

Rapid urbanization has pushed expansion of emerging facilities to locations with scarce or inferior quality of raw water. Needless to say the challenges and the focus have shifted over the years. A good end quality water is usually dependent on the type of water and the treatment employed to make this usable.

Raw water is always the starting point and we have handled widest range of water parameters across India and worldwide. This includes water from

  • Conditioned municipal water
  • Borewells
  • Mainland
  • Coastal Regions
  • Highlands
  • Reservoirs(Lakes/Catchments etc)
  • Rivers
  • Perennial
  • Seasonal
  • Canals

This raw water needs to be conditioned to be fed for further purification. Praj Hipurity Systems Limited specializes in selection of unit processes for removal of Physico-chemical &Organic Impurities.

Today presence of microbial loads or sometimes pathogenic loads is a reality not only in India but Globally. Choosing most lethal treatment for pathogen and its careful configuration into water system design including human safety aspect is most critical.

Our purified water generation system is built to comply with Purified Water quality as specified by all the major Pharmaocopeia around the world. Quality by Design (QBD) has made designers and users across the Globe rethink on their strategy of designing Pharma Water Systems. It hence becomes important not only to focus on the quality of water at “point of use” as stated by pharmacopoeias but also on critical stages of treatment.

It hence becomes important to focus on the end to end chain of water sourcing to treatment to delivery at point of use. Praj Hipurity Systems Limited expertise in providing single point solution for Pharmaceutical Waters i.e. RAW WATER TO POINT OF USE.

Our offerings in water systems space are


Unit processes like multi-grade filter, disc filters, softeners, ultra-filtration, nano filtration & reverse osmosis

Pathogen and Microbial Load Reduction

Sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide, ozonation

Purified Water Generation

Using membrane filtration & electro deionization (EDI)

Water For Injection (WFI) & Pure Steam Generation

Combi Distillation Units (For simultaneous production of WFI & Pure Steam), Stand alone systems

Storage & Distribution

Purified Water, Water for Injection, Pure Seam Distribution

Praj Hipurity Systems Limited can help our customer from conceptualization to creation of complete water plant.

Raw water to Point of use