Spares & Consumables


Praj Hipurity Systems Limited is proud to carry one of the largest online inventories of UF/CSRO/HSRO membranes. It’s easy to forget when an RO system is due for a filter change or a Membrane replacement. Praj Hipurity Systems Limited makes it simple by sending a helpful reminder at replacement time

  • Nano Membrane
  • Reverse osmosis membrane
  • Ultrafiltration membrane


EDI is the most important and critical component in the water system and any time spend on maintenance of EDI corresponds to the loss of production. In order to ensure our customers don’t suffer a loss of production, Praj Hipurity Systems Limited has spare EDI available within our factory to facilitate immediate supply as spares and replacements


There are no doubts that all water treatment plants would need chemicals right from disinfection to safe removal of impurities (suspended as well as dissolved) to ensuring the safety of components or parts of the water treatment plant. As we look at innovative ways of treating challenging feed water conditions, there will be a continued emphasis on exploring different types of chemicals to suit varying demands. We at Praj Hipurity Systems Limited understand this well and support our clients with the supply of essential chemicals well-curated to meet the challenging demands of water treatment. So while sourcing chemicals and sustaining, water treatment plants owners often face difficulty. The attempt at PHS is to provide safe, reliable and predictable chemicals under it owns brand banner with a high level of assurance

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Pre Treatment Media

Pretreatment plants are often neglected in normal operation but are a very important part of the water system as they condition the water to be made suitable for feeding to the Purified water generation RO EDI system. The most frequent replaceable parts in pre-treatment are the filter media, resins, Cartridges and Praj Hipurity Systems Limited understands the importance of the same. To help our customers to run their plant efficiently without any breakdown, we at PHS have the same ready with us for immediate deliveries at any given point of time

Tubes & Fittings

Every plant needing modification, up-gradation, retrofitting call for tubes & fittings in bulk or in smaller quantum. PHS is equipped to supply various size and quantum of SS304/316L tubes and fittings for a variety of applications including and not limited to high purity waters, clean steam, CIP, other clean utilities like gases, product transfer, nuclear plant applications, etc. These tubes and fittings comply with various global standards with moderate to ultra-fine surface finish requirements. Some of the most stringent surface finish demands which have been met with <0.2µ RA wax

Valves, Intruments & Pumps

For continuous trouble-free working of any system, all components and spares are available at any given point of time is very much essential as break down might happen at any time. To ensure your trouble-free operation we at Praj Hipurity Systems Limited stocks many essential spare components for immediate supplies. This includes spares for Valves (i.e diaphragms/valve assembly etc.), Instruments (i.e Sensors/Calibration kits/Instrument monitors, etc.), Pumps (i.e mechanical seals, gaskets, impellers etc)

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  • valves-instrument-pumps
  • valves-instrument-pumps
  • valves-instrument-pumps