Special Products

Ozone Systems

Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidation tool available for purification and disinfection in the water system, it also becomes a key focus area for Praj Hipurity Systems Limited. We audit, design and deliver complete ozone solutions for pre-treatment as well as the purified water system. With reputed partners, Praj Hipurity Systems Limited offers end to end solutions using ozone as a disinfecting agent. These solutions can be integrated into existing systems or can be supplied as a standalone system depending upon the challenges/expectation from clients. Since the sizing and location of Ozonator is equally important, a site study (onsite or remote) becomes a very important deciding factor. Ozone once generated needs to be destroyed in a safe manner for managing people and process safety. Hence, these systems are integrated with a suitable ozone destruction system.

Praj Hipurity Systems Limited supplies the following types of Ozonator

  • Air Based
  • Water Based

PHS supplies the following types of ozone destruction systems

  • UV Based
  • Thermal based

Combi Test Kits

It’s a matter of choice to be listening to the smallest of the client needs and packaging a solution which makes the life of a plant operator easier. With this mind-set, team PHS have designed user-friendly combi test kit helping them conduct some quick test to ascertain plant performance in a quick time.

Praj Hipurity Systems Limited Combi water testing kits are easy to use and it helps in checking the health of the system by producing quick results. You neither have to be a trained chemist nor require any experience to get reliable results from these test kits.

PHS Combi water testing kits are simple adaptations of classic chemical analytical methods.

You can have complete confidence in the results you obtain from PHS Combi water testing kits, as they are extremely reliable.

download-file Download Combi Test Kit Brochure

UV Systems

UV being a chemical free disinfectant system, it has wide ranging applications in industrial water plants. At Praj Hipurity Systems Limited, UV technology is integrated in design and delivery to offer solutions for microbial load reduction, ozone destruction etc. Together with long terms partners PHS can supply standalone as well as retrofit-able units.