Special Services

Electro Polishing

Electro-polishing enables stainless steel surfaces to be produced which meet the highest demands with respect to purity and cleanability. A condition for ensuring optimum electropolishing results is the careful harmonizing of electropolishing processes (material, construction & fabrication process). Praj Hipurity Systems Limited has excelled in Electro-polishing over last 3 decades with PHS being the sole Electro-polishing service provider in early ’90s in India. Till date, the process & systems employed for Electro-polishing remain unparalleled in the industry. Team PHS is also working on next-gen controls and reporting as part of continual improvement to add value to our clients business.

We also realise the surface tensions and behaviour of stainless steel surfaces during operations/production runs/cleaning runs calls for regular inspection and treatment if required. The experienced field crew at Praj Hipurity Systems Limited help with electropolishing of vessels/reactors in-situ. Necessary reports with regards to surface finish are provided using the right surface measurement tools. Site audit for such requirements become an important part of the process.

On-site Electro polishing service for Tank and rectors on-demand from the customer site


On Site Training

Training and re-training become a very important part of making our plants sustainable. Praj Hipurity Systems Limited team can be involved in structure training to all levels of operating teams at site. Classroom training, as well as on-site training, are included as part of the training packages.

Riboflavin Test at Site

With changing product profile many of our clients expect spray test for water/CIP solution coverage at the site on special request Praj Hipurity Systems Limited can provide this service at the site.


System Upgradation

Retrofitting jobs like PW/WFI/PSG loop extension, control system up-gradation, capacity enhancement is covered in this scope of service. We are just a call away for quick evaluation of system design and the possibility of up-gradation.

Plant Audit

Plant system audit services are provided with feedback on predictive maintenance, operational efficiency enhancements and on-time services to enhance the life of your systems.

Praj Hipurity Systems Limited conduct the following audits

  • Concept Study
  • Feasibility Study
  • Capability development program

De-Rouging Service Supports

Removing rouge and enhancing the corrosion resistance of stainless steel equipment is essentially preventative maintenance for any Pharmaceuticals industry.
Highly qualified team of Praj Hipurity Systems Limited provide all types of rouge solutions

  • Before de-rouging of PSG column

  • After PHS de-rouging of PSG column

  • Before de-rouging of WFI return line

  • After PHS de-rouging of WFI return line