Sterile Filtration Systems

In Pharma, Biotech & Vaccines, sterilizing grade filtration is a key process for sterilizing heat-labile fluids. The need is to obliterate contaminants. To meet this requirement, Praj Hipurity Systems Limited offers customized filtration systems integrated with reactors and storage units. This dead-end filtration works on the principle of size exclusion and it depends on several factors like differential pressure, volume, time, lot-to-lot variability and Physico-chemical properties of a fluid. Hence it is advisable to perform a sizing study of filtration area, with the help of filter supplier. However, once the filtration area is established, converting it into an engineering solution is a speciality of Praj Hipurity Systems Limited. Here it becomes pertinent to understand that Praj Hipurity Systems Limited will design these filtration systems in tandem with feeding a and receiving unit, in a way that enables integrity testing, CIP, Steam sterilization, drying and filtration.

Surface Filtration system utilizes ‘size exclusion’ principle to filter out undesired substances of various size from fluids & gases

Sterile Filtration system’s parameters and its control device


Sequences applicable for sterile filtration system


For Hydrophobic filter (Air filter, vent filter), flushing sequence is not applicable. CIP is done after removing the filter and putting CIP cap

Downstream Ultrafiltration Systems

Ultrafiltration system utilizes ‘tangential flow filtration’ principles to concentrate the products & proteins, based on molecular weight cut-off

UF system’s Parameters and its control device

Sequences applicable for UF system