Storage and Distribution

Praj Hipurity Systems Limited specializes in designing the storage & distribution system which preserves the water quality as received at the outlet of EDI or a WFI generation until it is drawn from point of use. Our in house tank fabrication facility, electro-polishing facility, use of tubes & fittings with complete traceability are the pillars which help us deliver the quality product.


These days our customers are preferring potable water loops to be designed in alignment with purified water or water for injection configurations.

  • Potable Water
  • Purified Water
  • Water For Injection

Key aspects considered in design and component selection

  • Optimal balance of tank capacities and tank turnover
  • Line Size & Pump flow selection – with peak load analysis & load pattern, total consumption, return line velocity maintained as per USP guidelines
  • The system should not give away any of its material of construction to PW or WFI
  • Zero Stagnation
  • 100 % drainability
  • Design of Sanitization to cover each and every area in the system
  • Minimal Deadleg (generally <2D)
  • All joints either sanitary tri-clover or orbitally welded. Use of Borescope/Videoscopy or Radiography as per clients acceptance criteria.

Purified & WFI Storage & distribution systems comprise of following

Storage Tank

Stainless steel construction SS316L with electro-polishing and surface finish ranging from 0.6 to 0.38 Ra depending on the end application. Tanks are designed with plain of jacketed construction

Recirculation System

Cold, Warm & Hot Standby with auto changeover of pumps becoming more prevalent in 24 x 7 operating plants

Distribution Piping

Specialized tubes and fittings with ASTM A270 SS316L or ASME BPE Stamped material, Electro-polished to finish ranging 0.5 Ra to 0.38 Ra

Point of Use Valves

Zero Dead Leg Y Type, Block Valves, Block Valves with integrated sampling port configuration as per the application needs

Instrumentation & Controls

PLC or DCS based configurations coupled with suitable data acquisition system making system compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 & GAMP5 complying with Global Pharmacopoeia requirements

Sanitization of the loops

hot water sanitisable (@85℃), pure steam sterilisable (@121℃), ozone sterilisable configurations designed as per application and client requirements

Storage and Distribution

Praj Hipurity Systems Limited designs and manufactures storage tanks for purified water and WFI storage application.
Design code : ASME Sec VIII Div, ASME BPE Guidelines
Configurations : Plain, Insulated, Jacketed or Limpeted design configurations.
MOC : SS316L & SS304
Internal Surface : Mechanically polished followed by ‘Electropolishing’
Surface finish : From < 0.5 Ra to < 0.38 Ra (SF4 Finish as per ASME BPE Code)
Non Destructive Testing : DPT & Radiography as per quality plan
Design Conditions : Atmospheric or Full Vacuum Design
End Types : Torispherical Dished End to ensure drain ability