False Emails or Email Alerts

Attention: Praj Partners: Customers, Vendors, Suppliers, and other recipients
It has been brought to our notice that some of our partners have received spurious emails from spamsters falsely impersonating Praj staff or posing as Praj representative.

False emails and false email alerts are a growing IT Security threat; Phishing emails, Spoofing mail and different types of mail attacks used these days to prey upon unsuspecting users.

In all of these, the attacker attempts to get sensitive information and sometimes money by masquerading as a trustworthy entity including in some cases falsely claiming to represent Praj Industries Limited.

When you receive any such emails, typically calling for out of the ordinary actions and/or involving money transaction kindly follow steps as below:

  • Please use unhide details/show details in the Mail to see complete sender email id. Do not just use or go by display name
  • If the detail email header shows that the sender is not from your contact in Praj, please forward/report the mail to prajhipurity.net
  • If the email id is correct as in case of Spoofing attack (the attacker forges a valid email id in "From" and hides own email id deeper inside like "x-sender" and/or "Reply to" in the email header), but actions requested are not normal actions, kindly notify the Praj contact.
  • Please do not click on any attachment in these emails.
  • Please delete the emails.

The objective of this alert is to make you aware, so as to stay clear of any fraudulent email attacks.

Email spoofing: The "From" address is forged by the imposter as a known person to the victim. The mail typically contains web links or attachments.

Phishing Emails: May or may not use email spoofing technique and will typically contain web links or attachments.

Additionally, these emails may have the following characteristics:

  • Includes web link that may appear similar to a legitimate website or attachments
  • May or may not address you by name or contain content unrelated to your job function.

We urge you to be vigilant. In case of any doubt about the legitimacy of any communication please notify emailabuse@prajhipurity.net and/or your contact in Praj.

Thanking you,
IT Security team
Praj-HiPurity Systems Limited, India - www.prajhipurity.net