Ethanol Manufacturers Worldwide Look Beyond Corn to Produce Ethanol

Praj Hipurity | June 14, 2019

Corn, which is the most popular feedstock, is now finding replacements in the form of feedstocks as diverse as waste gases from landfills, wood waste from sawmills, and biomass feedstocks from sugar mills.

Praj has been working on consistently developing the bioethanol production technology since the past 35 years. This technology is fueling 100% of ethanol in Columbia and more than 60% production in Thailand. It is working towards a circular bio-economy through its cellulosic ethanol technology: ‘Enfinity’. This technology allows plants to produce cellulosic ethanol from biomass feedstocks, such as rice and wheat straw, bagasse, corn cobs, and stover, among others. It now has a demo 2G cellulosic ethanol plant placed right next to a Sugarmill to accommodate a variety of feedstocks such as bagasse, rice straw or wheat straw.

Praj is also moving into the renewable gas and renewable chemicals markets. The biogas business, which was operational the past many years only as a part of their wastewater treatment plant, is now being used in the production of ethanol.

Praj is also working with Gevo, a U.S.-based company, to produce jet biofuels. With this collaboration, they aspire to produce Isobutanol using juice, syrup, and molasses as feedstocks.

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