Praj Technology know how and Design Engineering Package for Production of Sanitizer to combat Covid-19

Praj Hipurity | November 3, 2020

Open access to Praj’s sanitizer technology, now with plant solution.

The use of high quality hand wash sanitizer (HWS) is an effective measure to control the spread of deadly Corona virus, and has led to its exponential demand globally. Following the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization, the formulation in HWS must have at least 80% alcohol which will neutralize the virus and prevent its spread. Praj understands the seriousness of the fight against the virus and has offered free and open access to HWS technology solution in line with WHO guidelines. Praj’s know-how and engineering package is available here https://praj.net/praj-sanitizer-technology/.

Praj is also offering manufacturing support through Praj HiPurity Systems (PHS), its wholly-owned subsidiary which is a leading supplier for turnkey solutions in cosmetics and personal care, topical and oral formulations, and sterile formulations. PHS has been serving the biopharma industry across the world for the past three decades. PHS is geared to manufacture and supply a modularized solution to manufacture HWS on a fast-track basis.

Since there have been multiple requests from potential HWS manufacturers, Praj & PHS have jointly designed a HWS manufacturing skid, including technical assistance if required.

This site offers the following information –

  • Sources of raw material – access to distilleries willing to supply bulk ENA
  • Sources of packaging – a repository of suppliers of packing & bottling machines.
  • Trading companies / bulk manufacturers with access to POC’s (Point of consumption)

HWS Ecosystem


Pivots for Sanitizer Corner

Praj’s sanitizer technology offering comprises four pivots which are technology and raw material that lead to a plant solution and subsequently to the production of HWS.