Project Management

We have a strong organizational build suited for all types of projects. Our dedicated Project Management team focuses on your end project deliverance & Single point responsibility for the project. Project Management Team ensures compliance to best practices for global installation thereby adhering to safety as a policy leading to an accident-free environment and minimal man-hour loss.


Full Co-ordination Out of One Hand

Safety, In Time Delivery, Quality Installation, Customer Satisfaction & Minimizing Customer Complaints are the key mantras for the Project Management (PM) team. Our PM teams ensure timely delivery and completion of projects through a robust & well defined Project Management Process. Focused Project Managers handle the entire span from execution, qualifications to handover of the project to our valuable customers in time. Dedicated project planner / central coordinator ensure effective planning for every project.

On-Time Performance-Reduction in Cycle Time (OTP-RCT).... A Successful Journey

A concerted well-structured OTP-RCT drive started at PHS since May 2017, brought consistent results in Project Management by bringing overall process improvements in Delivery & Execution. The impact was immediately visible with an increase in repeat client base. Through a continual improvement process, cross-functional teams (CFT’s) worked in tandem to bring about a reduction in cycle time for delivery with faster response, enhancing customer experience & repeat business. With this success, there are other various initiatives undertaken to improve customer satisfaction quotient

Added Value

Our fully dedicated Project Managers & Site team brings value through “Impact on time” by Reduction of Execution time inspite of multiple interfaces which demand a high level of Coordination. We also bring value through “Impact on Risk” by Reduction of conflicts & Single point Responsibility.

Full Synchronization

Complete Project Management cycle is covered through Interface management, master-plan creation & synchronization to deliver high-quality project complying with local & international regulations. Some of the key work scopes include Regular Monitoring, Resource Support, Critical issues discussed and solution, Meeting with the team on completion of each major milestone, Track the progress against the plan, Change & Risk Management.

Customer Care

Timely communication & engagement with the customer is vital for the success of every project irrespective of its size or nature. We at PHS have evolved (and still evolving..) well-defined processes to ensure communication and objective engagement are well addressed. These have resulted in various tools, charts & reporting templates to enable PM’s to keep client’s projects & supply chain teams appraised of the progress. Project reports at periodic intervals identify and highlight progress, problem areas, bottlenecks, delays, etc. to help clients track the project well. This is a set process internally at PHS and is subject to periodical reviews.

Digital Initiatives

In this age of digitalization, there is a constant endeavour at PHS to leverage the advances of digital platforms. One such example is of a dedicated online customer complaint handling portal with Root Cause Analysis & Corrective Actions. This is an indigenously developed portal supported by a capable & well-organized IT team at Praj. We at Praj Hipurity Systems Limited believe the cycle of learning, unlearning & re-learning never stops. This portal serves well to this important objective.

Seamless Execution

Seamless execution & handover of systems to our customers are ensured through a trained force of focused Site Managers, Site Engineers, and Installation-Commissioning Engineers. With our resource of skilled contractors and fleet of site tools such as Orbital, Boroscopy & set of machines/ tools for ‘hands-free’ weld preparation for highly critical projects, we guarantee deliverance through ‘quality by design’ and not to chance. Our constant endeavour is to reduce the overall setup time at the site by parallel working on online site documentation with execution including an advance rolling plan of resources & machinery. Onsite OTP (On-time performance) remains a focus for TEAM PHS over the coming years to help our clients take their products to market faster. Our site team provides seamless support to the customer during their qualification & validation process.

A smooth Drive

While the car is important, it is often aptly said that the Car is as good as the driver. The teams at the client site are one of the most critical contributors to the success of our plant’s performance. Onsite training and acclimatization for the client operators to become a critical piece of our efforts to enable the client operations team to manage some of these high-tech systems on their own. Our commissioning crew would ensure proper guidance and training to operators to run the plants ‘effectively’, ‘efficiently’ and more importantly ‘safely’.

Integrated Learning

Implementation of site learning including periodic training, knowledge management/skill up-gradation and process orientation remains an integral part for overall continual improvement for Project Management Team. ‘Bodhi series’ a training initiative at PHS focuses on disseminating key know-how across the board internally and client’s place. Pro-active training workshops with internal and external SME’s become a key feature of PHS’s commitment to being a knowledge leader. Some of the important stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process.
  • Project Head is empowered to make decisions on complaints & allotment internally for resolution.
  • QAC Head approves the Correction, RCA & Corrective action done.
  • The complaint categories are well defined in the portal for ease of understanding, swift internal co-ordination and periodic analysis for deeper insights. The emerging trends and trend analysis report are published for internal review by QAC head.

Milestone Activities To Monitor

Project Management

  • Receipt of IWO
  • Kick of meeting
  • SO loading
  • Preparation of bar chart
  • Detail engineering
  • DQ approval
  • Procurement of bought outs
  • Manufacturing
  • FAT
  • Dispatch to site
  • Site installation
  • Commissioning
  • Commercial closure

Installation & Commissioning

  • Resource Planning & Allocation
  • Site survey
  • GRN clearance
  • Verification of Materials
  • Mobilization
  • Piping Erection and Equipment’s installation
  • Mechanical Completion & IQ (Installation Qualification)
  • Commissioning Clearance
  • Commissioning & OQ (Operational Qualification)
  • Commissioning & training Reports
  • Materials & Account Reconciliation
  • Commercial closure

Customer addressal


Project Management Process Flow