The Boiling Frog Syndrome in your Pharmaceutical Stainless Steel Hot Systems?

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Rouge is the type of corrosion that occurs in Stainless Steel, especially in Stainless Steel hot systems is akin to Cancer in human beings or can be related to the ‘Boiling frog syndrome. On most occasions, it is ignored with serious ramifications. Periodic check-ups facilitate early & level of severity detection. Ignore it and the rouge worsens leading to many challenges damaging the surface finish, severe corrosion eventually has the potential to affect the product quality in Pharmaceutical Stainless Steel Hot Systems.

These days when leading pharmaceutical companies are spending millions to build a manufacturing facility which does not add any contamination to the drug, the danger of rouge and its effect on the contamination of medicines are most times overlooked. There are many examples wherein companies had to scrap part or full systems handling WFI, Pure Steam, etc. due to severe rouge. The reasons for discard were either visual inappropriateness or its effect on the product in contact. The innocuous thin black or red slimy or powdery deposit gradually worsens and spreads like cancer from high-temperature zones to low-temperature zones as well. Essentially, "rouge" is composed of corrosion products of hydrogen and iron oxides in different states of oxidation. The colour range is varied due to the various oxides of ferric ion and the corrosion products of hydrogen. The exact explanation for the rouging phenomenon is not yet clearly understood, but it is possibly the outcome of momentary destabilization within the passive surface.

See the visuals shown –

There are means to avoid or delay rouging altogether –

  • Right selection of SS
  • Electropolishing (and hence suppressing the Iron exposure)
  • Avoid any iron source that can contaminate Stainless Steel

And then there is Praj Hipurity which can help you eliminate or reduce the incidence of Rouging post facto. Praj HiPurity system Ltd. has helped many organisations treat their rouging problems whether it is Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3. Depending on the type of equipment or systems, different processes like chemical derouging or electropolishing can be employed.

Avoid the ‘Boiling Frog Syndrome’ and contact for your derouging needs.