Water Systems

The pharma industry has undergone many cycles of change to make drugs safer and effective. Pharmaceutical water is one of the core raw material/ingredient/solvent/cleaning agent, etc. It has to undergo a change in terms of end water quality using different technologies for treatment, design principles, inspection principles and quality processes. Praj Hipurity Systems Limited with over 30 years of presence and offering solutions for pharmaceutical waters have witnessed this all. With more than 450+ installations globally, Praj Hipurity Systems Limited has evolved to be one of the key solution providers in the Industry with many firsts, helping the industry wade through the various changes and challenges. Be its adoption of new technologies for filtration, disinfection to the adaptation to emerging new Global guidelines and best practices.

We have also been serving industries like cosmetics, food & beverage, health supplements & nutraceutical which follow ‘Compendial’ water quality norms.

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