Process Automation

Design to Delivery: Process automation life cycle at Praj Hipurity Systems Limited

In Pharma, Biotech & Vaccines, Process Automation is a key driver for ensuring the success of production batches. The need is to meet up to-

  • Regulatory needs
  • Documentation needs
  • Process needs
  • Repeatability
To meet this requirement, Praj Hipurity Systems Limited offers Systems customized automation systems integrated with multiple types of equipment at your facility. Instrumentation & Automation is designed based on guiding principles of GAMP 5, 21 CFR Part 11 and Computer System Validations (CSV). Building Automation Architecture is an act of fine balance on various fronts like the ease of use, ease of maintenance, controls & data managements, space, time to market and budget. In recent times with the advent of multiple technologies and platforms, it is convenient to mutually arrive at a workable consensus between team Praj and Customer. However, once it is established, converting it into an engineering solution is Praj Hipurity Systems Limited expertise. From this point, the entire concept will be bracketed in three buckets:
  • Functional Design
  • Hardware Design
  • Software Design
Here it is pertinent to understand that Praj Hipurity Systems Limited will build this Automation Solution in tandem with reputed global automation Providers. This approach offers flexibility to work –on multiple options


have their own importance for fulfilling a process cycle in any equipment. Process cycle failures have often been attributed to failures in instruments, incorrect process values or abrupt shutting down of the running system. Following the right process of selection of instruments can help avoid these failures. Hence, the process of selection of instruments should focus on-
  • Process parameters
  • Process end Connection
  • Material Of construction
  • Range
  • Accuracy
  • Pressure ratings
  • Temperature ratings
  • Multiplicity of outputs
  • Signal communications
  • Hygienic mounting
  • Construction
  • Readability
  • Calibration
  • Spares (needs & availability)
  • Lead time
  • Price
The selection procedure also takes into account the life span of the instrument. Depending on the process, we also use a specialized category of instruments, like flameproof, Intrinsically safe, In-Situ re-sterilizable, solvent resistant elastomer and CE/UL Certification. Special care is taken in selecting the Certifications required for documentation and audit purposes.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Instrumentation & Automation team works in conjunction with supply chain management to select a globally sourceable solution based on vendor relation, response time, quality, price, delivery, support, maintenance and availability of spares. This joint activity helps I mitigate various risks

Development & Quality Control

Right quality can only be delivered if quality processes and execution are aligned. As is said, God is in Detailing. For new-age highly automated plants tends to be successful only with the right mix of hardware and software solutions. It is important that past experiences and learnings are utilized to make the processes better. Praj Hipurity Systems Limited apply the three-phase theory to process excellence, namely;
  • Phase 1 standardization
  • Phase 2 simplification
  • Phase 3 specialization
Praj Hipurity Systems Limited builds upon standard programming blocks for multiple sequences, thereby reducing error and increasing repeatability across the plant. Praj Hipurity Systems Limited delivers the automation solutions for all its process plants guided by its own automation design Manual (ADM). The ADM consists of;
  • Function Design Manual (FDM)
  • Hardware Design Manual (HDM)
  • Software Design Manual (SDM)

These help to construct Faceplates in concurrence with our process team ( with process, design expertise over many years in different roles of researchers, designers as well as users).

It is also important to sequence the design process from the finalization of the specification to FAT/SAT.

Stage wise inspection of the program including a robust bench testing process is the key to success. It is important for Praj Hipurity Systems Limited team and client to arrive upon a common consensus very early in the project and freeze critical aspects (including and not limited to report formats, mimic screens, sequences, alarms, audit/trend reports, electronic signatures, data backup and restore, etc.)

Design To Delivery: System Architecture


Design To Delivery: Guiding Principle


Design To Delivery: Praj Hipurity Systems Limited deliverable towards GAMP 5 Documentation


Design To Delivery: Development & Inspections

Inspection: Four-stage inspection (Bench test, Pre-FAT, FAT & SAT) ensures complete testing with reports. This gives assurance of trouble-free process and predicted yield. This style of inspection also assures minimal breakdown time and hence faster time-to-market. Inspection Procedure consists of the following test:

Design To Delivery: Commissioning & Support

Praj Hipurity Systems Limited focuses on modularizing its design with the vision of being able to deliver plug and play solutions for a quick release of plant and product. However, it is important that certain activities are accounted for as below-