In biotech, Biosimilars and Vaccine industry, the waste fluid needs to undergo Bio-Inactivation, before it can be charged to ETP. The objective is to destroy all microorganisms in the draining fluid. This process may become bottle-neck when the plant is operated at peak capacity. So, it is pertinent to size Bio-Inactivation System, based on load during peak operation. Praj Hipurity Systems Limited offers customized Bio-Inactivation systems, which ensures 100% Killing of all microbes in draining fluid. We use a combination of heat and chemical inactivation in our systems based on a mutually agreed process. These Bio-Inactivation systems are automatically operated through HMI for personnel’s safety. During the design phase, the guiding factor is energy optimization.

Bio-Inactivation Systems


Batch Biokill System


Continuous Biokill system

Bio-Inactivation system’s parameters and its control device


Sequences applicable for Bio-Inactivation system