For every better product or system, Engineering is a backbone & at Praj Hipurity Systems Limited, we know it very well & with the experience, we had perfected it. We know the hygienic system to the best & provide solutions to clients which best suit their requirements. We understand the requirements said & unsaid as we had acquired process knowledge over the years & successfully demonstrated through our products & systems. We believe in integrity as our core value & we integrate all our solutions in such a way that all the process happens seamlessly & consistently. We understand the Quality requirements, standards & regulations across the globe. With strong & growing infrastructure we cater to all the requirements during project execution and also during the production phase.


Design of system or product is very critical to us we have numerous discussions & viewpoints with all stakeholders to arrive upon the best design. All design aspects are getting covered & we build to last. Innovation is also our core value which get reflects in our design & which provide us with an edge over the competition. We strongly believe in process & emphasize that we do strengthen our processes & automate it to deliver efficient, accurate & complete deliverables. Right, the first time is our motto & put all our efforts, we do various evaluations & then come to final conclusions. We are very flexible in approach & at the same time firm on commitments. Our repeat client base is our strong selling point, flexible & robust systems has given a boost to our client's production & built strong trust.

Digital Interventions

Knowledge & experience coupled with the latest & best design Software is used for designing at various stages of Engineering.


True to the spirit of bringing the best of human intelligence without the challenges posed by human error, we at Praj Hipurity Systems Limited have successfully devised a system to automate and connect two critical inputs (P&ID and BOM) for an error-free output and starting point of a project interfacing ERP. This has helped eliminate any error emanating while converting the drawing to a measurable output like BOM

HTRI (For Heat Transfer / Thermal Designs)

This software considered most advance for design, rating and stimulation of heat transfer equipment like a heat exchanger. HTRI reports have become a common standard across the globe for heat transfer design validation. Praj Hipurity Systems Limited, over the years, has accumulated greater intelligence with the usage of HTRI on 100’s of equipment.


People and process safety have taken very high precedence for global designers while designing pressure equipment. Praj Hipurity Systems Limited Makes the most of proven software like PV-ELITE for mechanical designs of equipment like pressure vessels and heat exchangers.


For non-standard/customized solutions, it is very important for the users to visualize various facets of plant design including the 3D model before the actual construction. Praj Hipurity Systems Limited strives to provide complete engineering solutions with 2D/3D/catalogue management tool/3D plant Design for equipment modelling/plants layout/piping routing/isometric drawing creation and report generation. This helps eliminate errors/ missouts while translating 2D drawings to 3D drawings and construction inputs.

Plant Automation

Praj Hipurity Systems Limited can design and deliver plants with automation systems comprising of PLC, DCS platforms with various interfaces like HMI, SCADA, IPCs well-integrated with IT hardware like servers, Computers, Printers, etc.

Automation solution also comply with various standards like 21CFR Part11, GAMP5

International Stamping and Certifications

PHS have executed projects with following stamping/certifications

  • DOSH
  • H Stamping for Tanks
  • CE Certifications
  • U Stamping


Our Engineering capabilities help deliver solutions to our Clients

  • From Raw Water to Point of Use of Purified water / Water for Injection/ Pure Steam
  • Fermentation Solutions from pilot to scale-up including upstream and downstream equipment
  • Entire Sterile Liquid manufacturing Plants
  • Plants Compliant to ASME BPE

Validation and Qualification

Supporting validation of pater and Process plant supplied by Praj HiPurity becomes an essential deliverable for our clients in Pharma and Lifesciences space. Our documentation packages help our clients

  • To ensure right protocols and reports while delivering consistent quality of water or the net output as per design.
  • Support qualification and validation of their plants

Complete Validation document support is offered which moves through several stages of Qualification:

  • Design Qualification (DQ)
  • Installation Qualification (IQ)
  • Operational Qualification(OQ)
  • Functional design specification (FDS)
  • Software design specification (SDS)
  • Hardware design specification (HDS)