CIP-SIP Systems

In Biopharma, validated cleaning has always been the guiding factor for the design of equipment. The need is to obliterate cross-contamination. To meet this requirement, Praj Hipurity Systems Limited offers customized CIP systems, considering usage pattern, volumes to be cleaned, space availability & budget. These CIP systems are built to conduct robust CIP of all subjected equipment. It has been seen that a Biopharma facility has equipment from multiple suppliers and the CIP system has to cater to the cleaning needs of all of them. To make this possible, Praj Hipurity Systems Limited builds the CIP program on software which can communicate with all compatible equipment. CIP system embedded with artificial intelligence (AI) remains one of the key focus areas at Praj Hipurity Systems Limited.



CIP system’s parameters and its control device


Sequences applicable for CIP recirculation system

Sequences applicable for CIP recirculation system


CIP Recirculation