Praj’s business lines are supported by its world-class manufacturing infrastructure. Praj has 4 manufacturing facilities in India. All the facilities have the capability to manufacture equipment in compliance with the most stringent requirements of various countries viz. CE, EN, DOSH, MOM, GOST – TR. The facilities are also ISO 9001 - 2015 and ASME (U, U2, R, H, S) certified.

Praj Hipurity Systems Limited serves its clients from the hygiene industry from a dedicated facility located on the outskirts of Mumbai, India.


A Centrepiece

At Praj Hipurity Systems Limited, we take pride being self-sufficient. What is important is not only our understanding of our client needs & the products we build, but also the processes engaged in manufacturing the same. This forms the centre-piece of Praj Hipurity Systems Limited's strategy to provide ROBUST products & solutions to its clients. Having a team with in-depth knowledge of various manufacturing processes is our core strength. The knowledge, experience gained over many years leading to standard SOP’s enable Praj Hipurity Systems Limited to deliver solutions apt for the hygiene industry.

Comprehensive Capacity

The manufacturing facility is located on a sprawling campus of 17 acres compliant to the latest standards and environmental norms. In-house capabilities with a wide range of Polishing machines / Equipment used, we can cater to a wide range of products.

Vessels from 1L to 100 KL Capacity
Heat exchangers with minimum 6mm ID Tubes to maximum 25mm ID tubes
Two-tier Skidded Systems with Plug and Play designs can be assembled and tested at Praj Hipurity Systems Limited

A Benchmark

With one of the largest & most comprehensive facility in terms of area & activities amongst its contemporaries, Praj Hipurity Systems Limited has earned a position of repute and remains a standard in the industry to match.

Traceability (In essence)

As we cater mainly to Pharma & allied Industries, material traceability is a basic requirement. Identical to our Pharma clients (where drug traceability plays a very important role), traceability is part of most processes designed at Praj Hipurity Systems Limited. Hence system manufactured at Praj Hipurity Systems Limited offers a high level of traceability along with necessary documentation. Most of these processes have been approved, acknowledged by many reputed pharmaceutical manufacturers and engineering/process consultant alike

Unmatched Electro-polishing

Electro-polishing enables stainless steel surfaces to be produced which meet the highest demands with respect to purity and cleanability. A condition for ensuring optimum electropolishing results is the careful harmonizing of electropolishing processes (material, construction & fabrication process) Praj Hipurity Systems Limited has excelled in Electro-polishing over last 3 decades with PHS being the sole Electro-polishing service provider in early ’90s in India. Till date, the process & systems employed for Electro-polishing remain unparalleled in the industry. Team Praj Hipurity Systems Limited is also working on next-gen controls and reporting as part of continual improvement to add value to our clients business.

Integrated Learning

Regular feedback mechanism for correction /alteration in the processes remain an integral part of learning, unlearning & adaptation processes at the manufacturing site. This is visible in the various systems & processes implemented/ changed over the last few years acknowledged by repetitive clients visiting PHS.