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Belief to Perfection! SME’s in pathogens disinfection in Pharmaceutical Water Plants!

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away"

There will be a general collective opinion that installation, commissioning & operations of Pharmaceutical Water plants are routine. However, once infected with pathogenic species, it turns out to be a nightmare for everybody associated with it. Top Quality, Maintenance, operations teams and even the Management personnel of Pharma companies start worrying about Pathogens in their water with far-reaching impact. This has turned out to be a perennial problem across all geographical locations. The part that leads to anxiety is that the timelines for 100 % disinfection cannot be established. It can vary from a few days to weeks. The pharmaceutical / bio-pharmaceutical / HCC industries industry has witnessed many products launched in the market deferred due to contamination in the Water Systems.

Realising this problem, a belief was created close to 1.5 decades ago to be THE CHAMPION in this segment. With the experience gained from Systems contaminated with the pathogen from multiple sources, we have incessantly worked towards championing this cause. With evolution over the years, we have set up a benchmark of more than 100 systems successfully disinfected. Many were age-old Systems and Systems supplied by our fellow competitors as well.

“Impossible – said many, not us !”. With more than 1000 Water Systems (both Generation and Storage & Distribution loop) installed & commissioned across the globe, the team at M/s. Praj HiPurity has gained an adequate amount of know-how to be graduated towards perfectionism. Whilst there are many suppliers worldwide focusing on the external beauty (aesthetics) of Water Systems, we have channelized our focus on the robustness, flawless design and most important, counteractive processes across the Water System scheme to avert the proliferation of bacteria/pathogens.

Team Praj HiPurity succeeded time and again and with that belief helped create its Perfectionists.

  1. One school of thought fraternity prevalent kept the focus on aspects of design, operations which were indeed the wrong targets like dosage of disinfectants, sampling points, etc.
  2. Many believed in the easier but costly solution of discarding membranes and replacing them with new ones. We chose to walk a different path and save millions for many clients.
  3. Many ended up celebrating early, forgetting the ability of these species to remain dormant and resurface in a few days. We didn’t!
  4. Many intimate parts of the system (often extensions of the system and not the core components) were culprits which we spotted but many others couldn’t and failed.
  5. & many more……

As we fondly tell all our industry friends - what matters is how we treat these species at the source. All learnings w.r.t pathogens disinfection have been captured & improvised in our new age Systems. We at Praj HiPurity Systems have learnt to imbibe some of these best practices in our day to work.

You can trust Team Praj Hipurity Systems to help you with the right counselling and skillsets for the disinfection of your water plants infected with pathogens!