Process Management

Praj Hipurity |

"Get the right people. Then no matter what all else you might do wrong after that, the people will save you. That’s what project management is all about."

The pharmaceutical industry is a highly innovation-driven industry that throughout its history has contributed to the well-being of humans by providing new medicines to address various diseases and has grown into one of the major sectors in the world.

However, in the past years, the industry has faced and continues to face several challenges in terms of delayed project timelines, deprived design of the system, increased R&D cost for new drug development, harmonization of all stakeholders from product conception to launch on design engineering front and rising customer expectation for new, cheaper and more effective therapeutic drugs in minimum time.

Project timelines have the potential to cripple the scope, cost, and quality of the project which in turn is due to the failure to understand the various aspects of the project life cycle with a Process lens instead of a Project Lens.

  • One Size fits all approach when every drug is different
  • Speed doesn’t mean half grilled R&D data be processed
  • Key process elements of Design Migration-Beaker to reactor
  • SME vs The Accidental Project Lead
  • Absence of Process catalyst

Many industrial entities are struggling to adapt & on-board changes from R&D to commercial scale. Driving a product to the market safely, quickly, and cheaply is the best way for a pharmaceutical firm to be successful. It’s time to transfer our traditional emphasis from Project management to Process management to drive the project efficiently from R&D to commercial scale on process requirements.

Understanding & mapping the diverse set of challenges compared to customary project management and the need to attend to them immediately, PHS decided to assemble a team of process experts to address the issues and fill the vacuum in the process management field with excessive continuity from Pre-order stage to Post-Order. We are advising our customers for critical products from conception to a product launch by changing our vision and focus from traditional project management to process management.

Our engagement from the R&D stage with the customer’s technology team & assisting both sides (Tech & Commercialization) is focused on synchronizing with process requirements at conception itself with the sole objective to eliminate future road-blocks.

The KEY hence is to develop a comprehensive portrait from product development to product launch to fast-track the access of medicine to the patient.