The Challenges of Industrial Fermentation

Praj Hipurity |

“A soul is but the last bubble of a long fermentation in the world” -George Santayana

Factors affecting the design of fermenter
The design and mode of operation of a fermenter mainly depends on the production organism, the optimal operating condition required for target product formation, product value and scale of production. The choice of microorganisms is diverse to be used in the fermentation studies.

The basic points of consideration while designing a fermenter:

  • Productivity and yield.
  • Fermenter operability and reliability.
  • Optimal Water requirements for processes.
  • Optimal Energy requirements.
  • Capital and operating costs
  • Potential for fermenter scale-up

Basic Fermentation Process Requirement Criterias:

  • Hydrodynamic characteristics of the Fermenter bioreactor
  • Mass and heat transfer characteristics of the Fermenter/bioreactor
  • Aseptic equipment design
  • Control of fermenter/ bioreactor environment (both macro and micro-environment)
  • Implications of bioreactor design on downstream products separation

Fermenter/ Bioreactor manufacturers need to be sensitive/ serious on these aspects. Lack of attention on these may lead to unhealthy process conditions leading to low quality &/or quantity of desire products.

We @ PHS have learnt to discuss, study & understand user process & design requirements in depth and include them at very early stage of Fermenter designing. The need to understand the process without infringing on the client’s IP is REAL and needs to be approached differently. Equally important is to focus on plant integration and handshake with third-party equipment like centrifuge, TFF’s, High Pressure Homogeniser etc.

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