The V-FACT Lens for sustainable & effective CIP Solutions

Praj Hipurity |

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” –Albert Einstein

High quality drug manufacturing essentially requires effective CIP (Cleaning In Place) and its validation of manufacturing equipment product contact parts. Reliable, Repeatable and most importantly a Cost effective CIP cycle at the end of each production batch is a challenge.

Cost of generating clean utility and treating CIP effluent is a major area of concern for all manufacturing facilities during operation. Because CIP is one of the major areas for clean utility consumption, it calls for an innovative and customized strategy with a predefined recipe to ensure repeatability. There is a general trend in the industry to go ahead with CIP solution preparation considering 1/3rd volume of the subjected equipment (tank) and associated transfer piping during design conceiving stage, same is then continued during CIP validation and continued during plant operations. This generalization keeping the science at bay has high impact on opex and environment!!!

Solution:- Have a granular look at factors defining CIP using the V– FACT Lens 

Volume– Volume of clean utility and chemical required in each cleaning step considering grouping of subjected equipment and piping circuit.

Flow- Flow to ensure turbulence and impact. Selection of appropriate spray device and    pumping system.

Action – Action time of each cleaning step like pre-rinse, wash time and final rinse time. Dirty hold time before starting action is a critical parameter.

Concentration– Concentrations of chemicals considering product specific properties and human/equipment safety.

Temperature– CIP solution temperature considering impact on solubility.

An innovative look on ”V” is critical while defining CIP philosophy which has to be customized for each application differently. Options which can be explored includes

  • Tank less Mobile CIP Skid’s
  • Hybrid Central+Local CIP skid
  • Centralized CIP skid
  • Central CIP skid with multi tank options

ROI on a CIP system lies in RFT (Right First Time) of ”V” selection. Think about what the best CIP system design is for your process goals and where the system will be located. It is important to define a unique CIP philosophy for each manufacturing line at the beginning of the project.

We at PHS help solve this puzzle using this V– FACT lens for various product applications.